The Concert for Bangladesh: The Quiz

This weekend marks the 40th anniversary of The Concert for Bangladesh, a superstar outing organized by George Harrison to benefit the refugees from East Pakistan. The legendary show was the first large-scale benefit concert and remains to this day one of the best lineups ever. How much do you know about the concert?

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Who convinced George Harrison to help out with the concert and also released the single “Joy Bangla” as part of a fundraising effort?
Ravi Shankar
Eric Clapton
Ali Akbar Khan
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
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Where was the concert held?
The Hollywood Bowl
Shea Stadium
Madison Square Garden
Soldier Field
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Which British band played backup for Harrison and other performers throughout the show?
The Hollies
The Wings
The Zombies
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Why didn’t John Lennon end up appearing in the concert?
He wasn't invited
He thought it would send the impression that the Beatles were reuniting
A dispute over Harrison’s insistence that Yoko Ono not play
He was busy doing his bed-in with Yoko Ono
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Pianist and famed session man Leon Russell got plenty of attention after the concert for his performance of what Rolling Stones hit, mixed with “Youngblood?”
Jumping Jack Flash
Get Off Of My Cloud
Wild Horses
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The proceeds from the concert went to Bangladesh relief, but were sent there through which organization?
The United Nations
The Red Cross
United Way
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Which of the following musicians did NOT perform at the concert?
Tom Petty
Bob Dylan
Eric Clapton
Billy Preston
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What George Harrison song closed out each performance?
Here Comes The Sun
Bangla Desh
Awaiting On You All