Hey Dude: The Quiz

Now that Nickelodeon has embraced its classic '90s fare with a block of reruns called "The '90s Are All That," we'll continue our look back at those classic shows. This week: Hey Dude.

How much do you remember about the adventures at the gang at the Bar None Dude Ranch?

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Why did Ted leave the ranch in the middle of the show?
He got sick and had to go to the hospital
He was bitten by a snake
He had to go to summer school
His parents found him after he had run away from home
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The actress who played Melody would go on to marry what comedian?
Ben Stiller
Vince Vaughn
Nick Offerman
Larry David
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When it becomes clear that Jake is about to be fired, the kids create an alter ego to take the blame of all of his problems. What was the fake employee’s name?
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What beauty pageant is Melody obsessed with winning because it might give the ranch the chance to compete in the Miss Young Arizona contest?
Miss Dude
Miss Rider
Miss Tuscon
Miss Baby Arizona
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Before he bought the Bar None Ranch, what occupation did Mr. Ernst hold in New York City?
An accountant
A lawyer
A journalist
The mayor
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What Native American tribe did Danny Lightfoot hail from?
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Besides Mr. Ernst, who was the only other adult regularly shown on the ranch?
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Why did Danny get to boss Ted around for an episode of the show, even using a bell to summon him whenever he wants?
Because Danny beat Ted in a horse race
Because Ted cheated and made the boys' team lose in Capture the Flag
Because Ted didn’t watch a ladder and Danny fell off, breaking his neck
Because Danny paid Ted a six-pack of soda and a bag of pretzels
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According to the theme song, what do you need to watch out for on the ranch besides the man-eating jackrabbits?
20-foot snakes
The noontime lightning
Carniverous horses
Killer cacti
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What is the name of the family that owns the neighboring Snake Eyes Ranch?
The Ragamuffins
The Schmucks
The Vlecks
The Stoneys