Name the Top Oil-Producing Countries

There are several ways to look at the world's oil situation — who has the most oil? Who exports the most? Who produces the most? Who uses the most? But for this quiz, let's stick with production. We pulled the top 12 oil-producing countries from the CIA World Factbook. How many can you name in three minutes?

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Name the Top Oil-Producing Countries
1. Russia|Russia
2. Saudi Arabia|Saudi Arabia
3. United States|United States|USA|U.S.
4. Iran|Iran
5. China|China
6. Canada|Canada
7. Mexico|Mexico
8. United Arab Emirates|United Arab Emirates|UAE|United Arab Emerites|United Arab Emerates
9. Brazil|Brazil|Brazzil
10. Kuwait|Kuwait
11. Venezuela|Venezuela|Venezela|Venesuela
12. Iraq|Iraq