Happy 80th Birthday Regis Philbin: The Quiz

Happy 80th birthday, Regis Philbin! In honor of the milestone birthday, here's a quiz commemorating the life of the so-called hardest working man in show business.

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Which Guinness world record does Regis hold?
Most hours spent in front of a camera
Largest contract for a daytime television appearance
Most cameo appearances on scripted television
Largest penny collection
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Which Rat Pack member hosted the show where Regis got his start as an announcer and sidekick?
Joey Bishop
Peter Lawford
Dean Martin
Sammy Davis Jr.
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Which of the following shows has Regis NOT appeared on as himself?
How I Met Your Mother
Married With Children
Ugly Betty
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What character did Regis voice in two of the Shrek sequels?
An ugly stepsister
Shrek's ogre father
Captain Hook
A fairy godfather
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What was the name of Regis’ first autobiography?
Get Your Philbin
I’m Only One Man
The Busiest Man In Showbiz
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What is the name of the series of awards Regis and co-host Kelly Ripa give out each year?
The Reegies
The Morning Sunshines
The Lives
The Rellys
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Who took over for Regis when he left as host of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” when the show went into syndication?
Kathie Lee Gifford
Steve Harvey
Matt Lauer
Meredith Vieira
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Which of the following products did Regis produce and market?
A line of yellow men's suits
A Christmas album
The Regis 3000 camcorder
A soft drink called Mr. Philbin
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Where did Regis graduate from college?
St. Johns
Notre Dame
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Which of the following is NOT true?
Regis served in the U.S. Navy
Regis has hosted the Primetime Emmys
Regis is related to American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi
Regis has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame