Name the Official Hail Sizes

The National Weather Service uses real-world objects to report the size of hail. Can you name the 14 items in their chart? Just think about all the times you've heard this sentence: "We had ______-size hail last night!" Then dial-down the exaggeration.

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Name the Official Hail Sizes
Pea (0.25" diameter)|Pea
Marble or Mothball (0.5" diameter)|Marble|Mothball|Moth ball
Penny or Dime (0.75" diameter)|Penny|Dime
Nickel (0.88" diameter)|Nickel|Nickle
Quarter (1" diameter)|Quarter
Half Dollar (1.25" diameter)|Half Dollar|Half-Dollar|Half–Dollar
Walnut or Ping-Pong Ball (1.5" diameter)|Walnut|Ping-Pong Ball|Ping Pong Ball|Pingpong Ball
Golf Ball (1.75" diameter)|Golf Ball|Golfball
Hen's Egg or Egg (2" diameter)|Hen's Egg|Egg
Tennis Ball (2.5" diameter)|Tennis Ball
Baseball (2.75" diameter)|Baseball
Tea Cup (3" diameter)|Tea Cup|Teacup
Grapefruit (4" diameter)|Grapefruit|Grape fruit
Softball (4.5" diameter)|Softball