Awww There It Is: A Kenan & Kel Quiz

As Teen Nick continues to air some of Nickelodeon's greatest hits of the 90s, we present a quiz based on one of their classics. Kenan & Kel featured two best friends in Chicago, their bizarre adventures, and their love of orange soda. How much do you remember about the show?

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When Kenan crafts, then goes through, a list of things he must do before he dies, where do he and Kel end up trapped?
Inside the girls' locker room
In the mayor's office
On top of the Sears Tower
In a storage closet in Kel's basement
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In the final scene of the last show, what does Kel tell Kenan (and the audience)?
That he has always been smarter than Kenan
That he was actually the one who had filled Principal Horn’s office with pudding
That he had picked up every ridiculous item Kenan had ever asked for
That the show was really a commercial for orange soda
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Where does Kenan work?
A grocery store called Rigby’s
A pizza chain called Alfredo's
A hardware store called Mr. Hoop's
The local library
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What rapper performed the theme song for the show, which drops the names of other famous duos such as Abbott & Costello, Penn & Teller and Siegfried & Roy?
Snoop Dogg
Sir Mix-A-Lot
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Why does Kenan initially mistrust Marc Cram?
He thinks Marc stole his watch
Marc asks Kenan's date out to the dance
He thinks Marc got him fired from his job
Marc refuses to play a prank on Mrs. Quagmire
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Which Chicago basketball star do Kenan and Kel inadvertently injure by causing him to slip in a puddle of orange soda?
Dennis Rodman
Scottie Pippen
Steve Kerr
Ron Harper
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During the show, Kel discovers he has a hidden talent. What is it?
Spinal Surgery
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What is Kenan’s younger sister’s name?
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Which show had both Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell starred on before launching Kenan and Kel?
All That
Hey Dude
The Mickey Mouse Club
Sister, Sister
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When Kenan saves the president’s life (from a falling tower of orange soda), what does the president end up calling Kenan and Kel?
Al and Tipper
Kevin and Kelsey
Alfonso and John
Kiki and Sharona
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Who loves orange soda?
Kel loves orange soda