Remember That Drink?

Hillary Buckholtz runs the fantastic pop culture blog I'm Remembering. From beverages to cereals to game shows, she'll be testing your memories all week. Make her feel welcome! Oh, and see how well you recall these famous (and infamous) drinks.

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What flavor combo made up Hi-C Ecto Cooler?
Orange and Tangerine
Mango and Lime
Lemon and Orange
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In what year were Squeezits squeezed out of the juice market (discontinued)?
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As part of its “anti-marketing” marketing campaign, OK Soda created a manifesto. Sayings from the OK Soda manifesto were printed on the cans. Which one of these was NOT one of the sayings?
"What's the point of OK? Well, what's the point of anything?"
"The better you understand something, the more OK it turns out to be."
"Witty slogans don't make something taste better."
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Which beverage was originally a dessert topping?
Hawaiian Punch
Mello Yello
Capri Sun
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Where was Original New York Seltzer made?
New Hampshire
You're Trying to Trick Me. It's New York.
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What was the original name of Kool-Aid?
Nebraska Punch
Fruit Smack
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What's the one country in the world where you can still buy Surge?
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New Coke was introduced in 1985 to replace the original formula of its flagship soft drink, Coca-Cola. New Coke originally had no separate name of its own, but was simply known as "the new taste of Coca-Cola"—until 1992, when it was renamed what?
Coke Plus
Coke II
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Crystal Pepsi was marketed as a caffeine-free "clear alternative" to normal colas, equating clearness with purity and health. What was its slogan?
"Right Now"
"Clearly the Best"
"You've Never Seen a Taste Like This"
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Which of these was NOT an Orbtiz flavor?
Black Currant Berry
Charlie Brown Chocolate
Melonberry Split