Whatever Happened to Predictability? The Full House Quiz

Throughout their eight years on the air, you laughed with them, you cried with them, and you always learned important life lessons with them when the music rose poignantly towards the end of every episode. Take a winding walk down memory lane and test how much you really know about your favorite San Fran family.

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Where did Jesse propose to Becky?
The Fabulous Ali Babba Hotel and Casino
The Smash Club
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Steve Hale was D.J.’s first steady boyfriend (he was originally introduced as Steve Peters). Steve is two years older than D.J., and captain of which sports team at their high school?
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In the episode “Honey, I Broke The House,” who drives Joey’s car through the kitchen?
Kimmy Gibler
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The girls learn Jesse’s real name from their maternal grandmother. At the time, not even Rebecca knows that his birth name is actually...
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True or False: Danny’s wife and matriarch of the Tanner family, Pamela Katsopolis-Tanner, died in a car accident.
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What do the initials "D.J." stand for in Candice Cameron’s character’s name?
Dana Jane
Donna Jo
Darrah Jean
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In the season seven episode “The Apartment,” it is revealed that one of Kimmy and D.J.’s long-time frenemies is pregnant (and “getting extra credit for it in Home Ec”). Who is the friend?
Kathy Santoni
Stacey Carosi
Vicky Larson
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Michelle gets her first boyfriend, Howie, in the season two episode “Baby Love.” The only problem is that he is from...
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Why do D.J. and Stephanie sing the “Dad, dad, he’s our dad” song?
They want to give Danny something special for his 40th birthday
They punched a hole in his Danny’s wall and are trying to cover up for it
They feel bad about lying to Danny about skipping school to get Suzie Q’s autograph
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Uncle Jesse’s last name was changed to Katsopolis after the first season because John Stamos wanted the character to better reflect his Greek heritage. What was it originally?
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In the season five episode “The Legend of Ranger Joe,” Joey takes over the TV show hosting job of his childhood hero, “Ranger Roy.” Jesse steps in as “Ranger Joe’s” sidekick. What name did he use?
"Professor Egghead"
"Lumberjack Jesse"
"Uncle Professor"