The MLB Journeyman Quiz

In honor of Arthur Rhodes -- making his first World Series appearance with the St. Louis Cardinals after playing for eight other teams over 20 seasons -- we bring you a quiz about those baseball players who can't seem to stick in one place for very long. Get all the journeyman questions right and we'll see about not cutting or trading you in the offseason.

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Which of the following teams has Kenny Lofton NOT played for?
Chicago White Sox
Pittsburgh Pirates
Atlanta Braves
San Diego Padres
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Since his MLB debut in 1997, Jose Guillen has played for 10 teams, dealt with multiple trades and at least one suspension. Although he is not technically retired, he has not played since the end of the 2010 season, when he was with what team?
Seattle Mariners
Oakland A's
San Francisco Giants
Pittsburgh Pirates
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In a relatively unremarkable career, shortstop Royce Clayton played for 11 teams and made one All Star appearance. However, he made a significant claim to fame after his retirement in 2007. What was it?
Along with Kevin Costner, he was a co-creator of an oil dispersion device used in the Gulf of Mexico
He played Miguel Tejada in Moneyball
He released an R&B alum with former Yankees star Bernie Williams
He kicked a field goal for the St. Louis Rams in his only NFL appearance
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Despite having a Hall of Fame career that included 10 All-Star appearances, two World Series wins and an MVP award, Rickey Henderson was traded four times and played with nine different teams. With which team did he win his MVP award in 1990?
Oakland Athletics
Toronto Blue Jays
New York Mets
San Diego Padres
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Which of the following players with 10 or more teams on their resume NEVER played for the New York Yankees?
Todd Zeile
Terry Mulholland
Ron Villone
Bruce Chen
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This Hall of Fame player spent time with 10 teams throughout his career. He retired in 1896 holding the career home run record and career slugging percentage record for the time, as well as winning five batting titles. Among his 10 teams were the Philadelphia Phillies, Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Beaneaters. Who was he?
Ty Cobb
Nap Lajoie
Mike "King" Kelly
Dan Brouthers
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Despite playing for 12 teams over 22 seasons, pitcher Mike Morgan only played in two postseasons. Of those, he contributed to one World Series victory as a bullpen pitcher in 2001. Which team did he help win the championship that season, his second-to-last?
New York Yankees
Chicago Cubs
Arizona Diamondbacks
Florida Marlins
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What player – best known for his MLB record 23 pinch hit home runs – retired this July after being released by the Washington Nationals, his 13th major league team?
Matt Stairs
Paul Bako
Rick Ankiel
Michael Morse
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Over 14 seasons, Bartolo Colon has won 161 games, been given 1 Cy Young Award and played for 6 teams (most recently the Yankees). Which team was he with when he won the Cy Young?
Cleveland Indians
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Montreal Expos
Chicago White Sox
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Jose Bautista may be the model for a journeyman turned superstar. He played for five different teams over five seasons before achieving what feat with the Toronto Blue Jays?
Leading the majors in home run for two consecutive seasons
Stealing 40 bases and hitting 40 home runs in three different seasons
Winning the AL Triple Crown
Hitting at least one home run in eight consecutive games