Name the Last 10 Pitchers to Win the MVP Award

Since 1956, ten pitchers have won the Most Valuable Player award. Can you name them all in two minutes? (We'll accept last names or first and last.)

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Name the Last 10 Pitchers to Win the MVP Award
Justin Verlander (Detroit Tigers, 2011)|Justin Verlander|Verlander
Dennis Eckersley (Oakland A's, 1992)|Dennis Eckersley|Eckersley|Dennis Eckersly|Eckersly
Roger Clemens (Boston Red Sox, 1986)|Roger Clemens|Clemens
Willie Hernandez (Detroit Tigers, 1984)|Willie Hernandez|Hernandez|Guillermo Hernandez
Rollie Fingers (Milwaukee Brewers, 1981)|Rollie Fingers|Fingers|Roland Fingers
Vida Blue (Oakland A's, 1971)|Vida Blue|Blue
Denny McLain (Detroit Tigers, 1968)|Denny McLain|Denny McLayne|McLayne|McLain|Dennis McLain
Don Newcombe (Brooklyn Dodgers, 1956)|Don Newcombe|Newcombe
Sandy Koufax (Los Angeles Dodgers, 1963)|Sandy Koufax|Koufax|Sandy Kofax|Kofax
Bob Gibson (St. Louis Cardinals, 1968)|Bob Gibson|Gibson