A WKRP Thanksgiving Quiz

WKRP in Cincinnati's 1978 "Turkeys Away" might just be the greatest Thanksgiving episode ever. If you haven't seen it, it's available on Hulu. If you have, let's see how well you remember it.

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Which WKRP staffer had the idea for the turkey drop?
Mr. Carlson
Les Nessman
Herb Tarlek
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What was the name of the shopping mall that was "bombed with live turkeys"?
Twin Pines
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What did on-the-spot reporter Les Nessman believe was falling from the helicopter at first?
Gift Certificates
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What promotional item was originally planned as WKRP's Thanksgiving giveaway?
Boston T-shirts
Styx Albums
Aerosmith Posters
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How did Les describe the way the dropped turkeys were hitting the ground?
Like Sacks of Potatoes
Like Bags of Wet Cement
Like Bags of Flour
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The phrase "Oh, the humanity!" was originally associated with what disaster?
Andrea Doria
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How did Mr. Carlson dispose of the 3,000 wigs left over from a previous failed station promotion?
Shipped them to earthquake victims in Guatemala
Sold them to a mannequin manufacturer in Honduras
Sold them to a local beauty school
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Who did Mr. Carlson put in charge of finding the live turkeys?
Venus Flytrap
Jennifer Marlowe
Herb Tarlek
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Which character uttered the classic closing line "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"
Andy Travis
Mr. Carlson
Les Nessman