Name the 32 NFL Head Coaches the Current Head Coaches Replaced

Can you remember who was the previous coach of each NFL team (as of November 29, 2011)? You've got 10 minutes to give it a shot. Last names only; some coaches were the previous coach of more than one team (and need to be entered twice); in cases where an interim coach didn't complete a full season, we'll accept either the short-lived interim coach or the head coach he replaced. Good luck!

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Name the 32 NFL Head Coaches the Current Head Coaches Replaced
Perry Fewell or Dick Jauron (Buffalo Bills)|Perry Fewell|Fewell|Dick Jauron|Jauron
Cam Cameron (Miami Dolphins)|Cam Cameron|Cameron
Pete Carroll (New England Patriots)|Pete Carroll|Carroll|Pete Caroll
Eric Mangini (New York Jets)|Eric Mangini|Mangini
Brian Billick (Baltimore Ravens)|Brian Billick|Billick
Dick LeBeau (Cincinnati Bengals)|Dick LeBeau|LeBeau
Eric Mangini (Cleveland Browns)|Eric Mangini|Mangini
Bill Cowher (Pittsburgh Steelers)|Bill Cowher|Cowher|Cower|Bill Cower
Dom Capers (Houston Texans)|Dom Capers|Capers|Don Capers
Tony Dungy (Indianapolis Colts)|Tony Dungy|Dungy|Tony Dungey|Dungey
Jack Del Rio (Jacksonville Jaguars)|Jack Del Rio|Del Rio|Delrio|Del-rio|Jack Delrio|Jack Del-rio
Jeff Fisher (Tennessee Titans)|Jeff Fisher|Fisher
Josh McDaniels or Eric Studesville (Denver Broncos)|Josh McDaniels|Eric Studesville|McDaniels|Studesville
Herm Edwards (Kansas City Chiefs)|Herm Edwards|Edwards|Herman Edwards
Tom Cable (Oakland Raiders)|Cable|Tom Cable
Marty Schottenheimer (San Diego Chargers)|Marty Schottenheimer|Schottenheimer|Marty Shottenheimer|Shottenheimer|Marty Schotenheimer|Schotenheimer
Wade Phillips (Dallas Cowboys)|Wade Phillips|Phillips|Wade Philips|Philips
Jim Fassel (New York Giants)|Jim Fassel|Fassel
Ray Rhodes (Philadelphia Eagles)|Ray Rhodes|Rhodes
Jim Zorn (Washington Redskins)|Jim Zorn|Zorn
Dick Jauron (Chicago Bears)|Dick Jauron|Jauron
Rod Marinelli (Detroit Lions)|Rod Marinelli|Marinelli|Marineli|Rod Marineli
Mike Sherman (Green Bay Packers)|Mike Sherman|Sherman
Brad Childress (Minnesota Vikings)|Brad Childress|Childress
Bobby Petrino or Emmitt Thomas (Atlanta Falcons)|Petrino|Bobby Petrino|Emmitt Thomas|Thomas|Emmit Thomas
John Fox (Carolina Panthers)|Fox|John Fox
Jim Haslett (New Orleans Saints)|Jim Haslett|Haslett|Jim Hazlet|Hazlet
Jon Gruden (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)|Jon Gruden|Gruden
Dennis Green (Arizona Cardinals)|Dennis Green|Green
Jim Haslett or Scott Linehan (St. Louis Rams)|Jim Haslett|Haslett|Scott Linehan|Linehan|Hazlet|Jim Hazlet
Mike Singletary or Jim Tomsula (San Francisco 49ers)|Mike Singletary|Mike Singletery|Singletary|Singletery|Jim Tomsula|Tomsula
Jim Mora (Seattle Seahawks)|Jim Mora|Mora