The Westing Game

Ellen Raskin's 1978 novel, The Westing Game, is a children's classic. The puzzle-based plot keeps kids (and adults!) guessing until the very end, and it can take multiple reads to finally figure out all the twists & turns. Think you know what goes on in Sunset Towers? Prove it!

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In what year did Ellen Raskin win the Newbery Medal for The Westing Game?

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Sam Westing's favorite chess strategy was:

Boden's Mate
Two Knights Defense
Giuco Piano
The Queen's Sacrifice
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At the last reading of the will, Berthe Crow filled Sandy McSouthers' flask with what?

Lemon juice
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Whose name is revealed by the clues?

Otis Amber
Judge J.J. Ford
Berthe Erica Crow
Sandy McSouthers
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The initial set of clues were all words from what song?

"America the Beautiful"
"God Bless America"
"The Star-Spangled Banner"
"This Land is Your Land"
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What is Turtle Wexler's real name?

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Sydelle Pulaski claims her notes from the reading of the will are recorded in what language?

Pig Latin
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In his will, Westing addresses his heirs as "my sixteen nieces and nephews." Which of the heirs really was a niece/nephew of Sam Westing?

Grace Wexler
Theo Theodorakis
Judge J.J. Ford
Dr. Denton Deere
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Which pair of heirs missed the initial reading of Sam Westing's will and, therefore, missed out on the $10,000 starter check?

Madame Sun Lin Hoo and Dr. Jake Wexler
Theo Theodorakis and Doug Hoo
Chris Theodorakis and D. Denton Deere
Sydelle Pulaski and Angela Wexler
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How much money do the heirs believe the winner will inherit?

$2 million
$20 million
$200 million
$2 billion
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How many heirs were selected by Sam Westing to play the game?

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Which resident of Sunset Towers was a "mistake"?

Flora Baumbach
Grace Wexler
James Hoo
Sydelle Pulaski
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"There was no such person as..."

Sydelle Pulaski
Barney Northrup
Madame Hoo
Flora Baumbach
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Of the Sunset Towers residents, " was a bookie, one was a burglar, one was a bomber, and one was a mistake." Who was the bookie?

Sandy McSouthers
Otis Amber
Jake Wexler
James Hoo
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What was the true object of the Westing game?

To reveal Sam Westing's killer
To get the best return on $10,000
To expose Crow as Westing's ex-wife
To find Sam Westing's other identity