You Forgot Already: A 2011 Quiz

You may remember all the big news stories as they happen, but how much did you really retain at the end of the year? We've got 14 questions about the stories of 2011 that seemed so big (or ridiculous) at the time, but may have slipped your memory by now.

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According to Harold Camping, during which two months was the world supposed to end this year?
August and November
February and July
May and October
April and October
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Why did Graham Spanier make headlines?
He was the Netflix CEO who had to publicly apologize for several business blunders
He wrote a best-selling biography of Steve Jobs
He was Herman Cain's chief of staff who blew smoke directly into the camera in a baffling campaign ad
He was the Penn State University president who was fired in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal
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Which rapper was at the center of a media controversy after he was invited to the White House for a poetry event?
Kanye West
Talib Kweli
Mos Def
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Which of the following members of Congress was NOT on the deficit reduction supercommittee?
Rob Portman
John Kerry
Fred Upton
Barney Frank
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Finish these lyrics from Adele’s summer hit “Rolling in the Deep:”

There’s a fire, starting in my heart

Starting a fever pitch…

And it’s bringing me out the dark
And it’s going to leave a mark
And my soul is about to bark
And it’s not walk in the park
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When were parts of lower Manhattan famously referred to as “Zone A?”
During the cleanup from the August earthquake
During the preparation for Hurricane Irene
During the police sweep of the Occupy protests
During the cleanup after a January snowstorm
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Identify this meme (Photo by Andrew-Hyde on Flickr).
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What was the name of the rover sent to Mars in November?
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After being shot in January, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords returned to Congress in August to vote on what bill?
The continuing resolution to avert a government shutdown
The act repealing President Obama's health care reform
The debt ceiling compromise
A bill promoting mental health care
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Why did Ted Williams make news in January?
News crews discovered him while homeless and featured his deep, baritone voice
He was the blogger who first proposed occupying Wall Street
He starred in Book of Mormon on Broadway
He's the Indiana governor who announced that he would not be running for president, despite pressure from other Republicans
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What was the score of the first LSU-Alabama game, a 1 vs. 2 matchup that will be replayed in the BCS National Championship game?
9-6, LSU
12-7, Alabama
6-3, Alabama
19-7, LSU
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Which of the following statements about 2011 is true?
New York was the second state to approve gay marriage in 2011, coming after New Hampshire
Since July, Mitt Romney has led every major Republican poll in Iowa
Apple released the new iPhone 5 in September
Egypt, Tunisia and Syria all saw uprisings as part of the “Arab Spring.”
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What was the name of the reviled Netflix spinoff company that would have only shipped DVDs?
Red Envelope
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Which of the following end-of-year media awards is NOT correct?
Time Person of the Year: The Protester
Sports Illustrated Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year: Mike Krzyzewski and Pat Summitt
People Sexiest Man Alive: Ryan Gosling
AP Entertainer of the Year: Lady Gaga