Name Baseball's 90 Percent Club

Famously, no baseball player has made the Hall of Fame with 100 percent of the Baseball Writers Association of America vote. But 27 players have come close by getting more than 90 percent. Can you name the members of the Hall of Fame's 90 percent club in 10 minutes? Last names are fine

Hint: it's spelled Yastrzemski.

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Name Baseball's 90 Percent Club
Tom Seaver|Seaver
Nolan Ryan|Ryan
Cal Ripken, Jr.|Ripken Jr.|Ripken|Cal Ripken
Ty Cobb|Cobb
George Brett|Brett
Hank Aaron|Aaron|Henry Aaron
Tony Gwynn|Gwynn
Mike Schmidt|Schmidt|Schmit
Johnny Bench|Bench
Steve Carlton|Carlton
Babe Ruth|Ruth
Honus Wagner|Wagner
Rickey Henderson|Henderson
Willie Mays|Mays
Carl Yastrzemski|Yastrzemski
Bob Feller|Feller
Reggie Jackson|Jackson
Ted Williams|Williams
Stan Musial|Musial
Roberto Clemente|Clemente
Jim Palmer|Palmer
Brooks Robinson|Robinson
Wade Boggs|Boggs
Ozzie Smith|Smith
Christy Mathewson|Mathewson|Matthewson|Christy Matthewson
Rod Carew|Carew
Roberto Alomar|Alomar