Movies Where Russians Were the Bad Guys

Say what you will about the Cold War, but at least it gave us some great movie villains. How well do you remember the Soviet adversaries in these movies?
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When David Lightman begins a game of "Global Thermonuclear War" as the Soviet Union in WarGames, he causes problems for which organization?
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The 1988 film Red Heat features Arnold Schwarzenegger teaming up with which actor to fight Russian drug runners?
Jim Belushi
Tom Arnold
Danny DeVito
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Rambo III has Rambo fighting Soviet forces in which Middle Eastern country?
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Of the three Iron Eagle films produced (we won't count the fourth effort, which went direct to video), how many involve the Russians?
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In Jumpin' Jack Flash, Jumpin' Jack Flash is a British Intelligence officer being pursued by the KGB. Terry Doolittle (Whoopi Goldberg) has to enter what password in order to communicate with him on her computer?
Rolling Stones
Keith Richards
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In Rocky IV, which of the following was one of Ivan Drago's nicknames?
Death From Above
The Soviet Slaughterer
The Baltic Brawler
The Siberian Husky
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In Rambo: First Blood, Part Two, Soviet Officer Lt. Col. Podovsky tortures Rambo in order to get him to do what?
Tell Podovsky who sent him
Tell the U.S. the Russians will allow no more rescue efforts
Reveal his name
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In Invasion U.S.A., Soviet operative Mikhail Rostov leads invading Cuban troops into which state, forcing Chuck Norris's character to come out of retirement (classic) to meet the threat?
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In the movie Red Dawn, Russian and Cuban troops encounter resistance when they attempt to infiltrate a sleepy town in which U.S. state?
North Dakota
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The 1989 film Red Scorpion, which stars Dolph Lundgren as a KGB agent, was produced by which infamous Washington lobbyist?
Randy "Duke" Cunningham
Jack Abramoff
Michael Scanlon