Movies Where Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Hilarious and Family Friendly

Arnold Schwarzenegger may have made his name in Hollywood as a big-time action star, but starting in the late 80s and early 90s, he had his fair share of comedy roles. How much do you remember about his family-friendly movies?

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What is the name of the doll Schwarzenegger, as Howard Langston, tries to buy his son for Christmas at the last minute in “Jingle All The Way”?
Turbo Man
Commando Boy
The Great Gizmo
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In “Junior,” Schwarzenegger plays a man who gets pregnant thanks to a fertility drug experiment. When explaining his body and posing as a woman at a health resort for expectant mothers, what does Schwarzenegger’s character, Alex Hesse, say?
That he was on the East German Olympic track team and was fed steroids
That his parents were both bodybuilders
That he has been working out to make sure the baby is strong
That he drank ox milk growing up in Austria
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Where is the elementary school where “Kindergarten Cop” takes place?
Seattle, Washington
Bangor, Maine
Binghamton, New York
Astoria, Oregon
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In “Kindergarten Cop,” what game does Schwarzenegger, as Detective John Kimble, make up to gather information from the students?
Three Questions
Tell Me The Truth
Who Is My Daddy And What Does He Do?
Have You Seen This Man?
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In a brief cameo, Schwarzenegger plays the prince of what country in the 2004 comedy “Around the World in 80 Days?”
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Schwarzenegger had to deliver all but one of these horrible cold-themed lines in Batman and Robin. Which of these was he lucky enough to NOT have to say?
“If revenge is a dish best served cold, then put on your Sunday finest. It's time to feast!”
“Ice to see you!”
“Allow me to break the ice. My name is Freeze.”
“I hate to give you the cold shoulder, but this diamond and I must be going."
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In “Batman and Robin,” Schwarzenegger plays Mr. Freeze, a former scientist who has to wear a diamond-powered cold suit because of an accident in his lab. What was he working on when he had the accident?
A drug that could reawaken the dead by keeping their body temperature low
A cure for MacGregors Syndrome, a terminal illness afflicting his wife
A method for reaching absolute zero
A technique to create ice islands on the ocean to sell for his own profit
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In what movie does Schwarzenegger deliver this line?

“You should be reading stories about bears that go shopping!”

Kindergarten Cop
Jingle All The Way
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One of Schwarzenegger’s few forays into directing was a made-for-TV remake of what Christmas movie?
Christmas in Connecticut
Miracle on 34th Street
Holiday Affair
A Christmas Memory
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In “Twins,” where does Schwarzenegger’s Julius first meet his twin brother Vincent, played by Danny DeVito?
A bar
A hotel pool
A hospital
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Although some praised Schwarzenegger’s work in “Jingle All The Way,” most critics singled out James Belushi as the best part of the film. Who did Belushi play?
A police officer who pulls Howard over several times
Howard's next-door neighbor
A mall Santa who runs a counterfeit toy ring
A radio DJ offering up one of the few remaining action figures
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In what movie does Schwarzenegger deliver this line?

“Put that cookie down. NOW!”

Kindergarten Cop
Batman and Robin
Jingle All The Way