The Brooklyn-Los Angeles Dodgers

In honor of those wonderful years when life was simpler and Duke Snider's home run stats and Sandy Koufax's wins were the daily measure of success and joy for one kid in a small town outside of Pittsburgh and millions of fans across the country, I offer a quiz for your enjoyment.

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Dodger ace Sandy Koufax was a childhood pal and high school baseball teammate of:
Dustin Hoffman
Mario Cuomo
Fred Wilpon
Alex Karras
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This Fordham grad joined the Dodger broadcast team in 1950 and went on to become one of America's best-known broadcasters.
Red Barber
Ernie Harwell
Vin Scully
Bob Uecker
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This nationally recognized historian received a scorebook as a seventh birthday present and was an avid Dodger fan until the team moved to Los Angeles.
Doris Kearns Goodwin
Arthur Schlesinger
Theodore White
Robert Dallek
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Tragically, this Dodger MVP's career was cut short when he was paralyzed in an automobile accident after the 1957 season.
Gil Hodges
Roy Campanella
Pee Wee Reese
Jim (Junior) Gilliam
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This best-selling "classic narrative of growing up within shouting distance of Ebbets Field and the Brooklyn Dodgers" was written by Roger Kahn.
Ball Four
Boys of Summer
The Summer Game
Brooklyn's Dodgers: The Bums, the Borough, and the Best of Baseball, 1947-1957
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This Dodger hurler was known for his fierce competitive streak. He hit 154 batters during his career and was proud of it. "My own little rule," he once said, "was two for one – if one of my teammates got knocked down...I knocked down two on the other team."
Johnny Podres
Sandy Koufax
Don Drysdale
Don Newcombe
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This long-time Dodger skipper was at the helm when the Dodgers won their long-awaited first World Series victory at Yankee Stadium in 1955.
Leo Durocher
Walter Alston
Billy Herman
Don Zimmer
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In 1955, this Dodger slugger led the league with 136 RBI and hit 42 home runs and helped power the team to the World Series.
Gil Hodges
Roy Campanella
Duke Snider
Jackie Robinson
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Since it opened in 1962 through 1997, only one man hit a ball out of Dodger Stadium. And, amazingly, this slugger did it a second time. His name was:
Willie Stargell
Mike Piazza
Mark McGwire
Sammy Sosa
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This attorney (for the Brooklyn Trust Company) and his family owned the Dodgers when the club moved to Los Angeles.
Larry MacPhail
Walter O'Malley
Branch Rickey
William Zeckendorf