Vintage Cigarette Slogans

For each brand, identify the one real slogan. If the choices seem too difficult, don't lose your cool. Just head over to the lounge for a Pall Mall cigarette. Pall Mall: Wherever particular people congregate.

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The healthy alternative
Just what the doctor ordered
Test positive -- for cool
We're all dying anyway
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Winston tastes good like a cigarette should
Winston tastes like smoke, but that's what cigarettes taste like
Winston tastes like a burger
Winston tastes like your granddad's driving moccasins
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Keep one hand on the flavor reins
Come to where the flavor is
Come talk to the old cowboy
It's a girl! You delivered a baby calf!
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Love Me! Love Me! Say that you love me!
Fool Me! Fool Me! Go on and fool me!
Taste Me! Taste Me! Come on and taste me!
I don't care about anything but you.
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Can I have some?
Blow some my way
Breathe towards me
Seal your lips over mine when you exhale
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Strike up a Winfield... And a conversation
Anyhow... Have a Winfield
Winfield. Whatever.
I'm sorry, what?
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Virginia Slims Women Cigarettes

Smoke yourself thin
You've come a long way, baby
You're one sophisticated dame
Don't let him talk to you that way, Beverly
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Slow down, pleasure up
Put your mind on autopilot
Eyyyy, smoke!
Ever wonder what's in a camel's hump? That's right, it's delicious Camel cigarettes.
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If you smoke, smoke responsibly
If you smoke, please smoke Carlton
I hate to bother, but, just, please consider Carlton
It's not our business how you spend your time or money
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My, don't you look dignified
Fresh like Sunday dill
Cool as a mountain stream
Refined like an older British lady
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So hot, it's Kool
Summer on your lips, winter in your lungs
Enjoy a cooler kind of mild
Global warming? No problem