Cream of Quiz

In the United States, Campbell's base line of soups includes 11 different "Cream of _______" condensed soups, including special combinations like Cream of Chicken & Mushroom, Cream of Mushroom with Roasted Garlic, and Cream of Chicken with Herbs.

The brand's eight main cream soups have shorter names (only one word in the blank). Given 3 minutes, can you name all of them? Prove it!

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Cream of Quiz
Asparagus|Cream of Asparagus
Broccoli|Cream of Broccoli
Celery|Cream of Celery
Chicken|Cream of Chicken
Mushroom|Cream of Mushroom
Onion|Cream of Onion
Potato|Cream of Potato
Shrimp|Cream of Shrimp