Ren & Stimpy: The Quiz

Continuing our occasional series on classic Nickelodeon cartoons, we present The Ren & Stimpy Show. The adventures of the manic chihuahua and the stupid cat were sometimes more blue than traditional Nick fare, but they remain classics in the cartoon world. Get more than 10 right and we won't call you an "eediot."

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When Ren loses all of his teeth, what does Stimpy tell him to do?
Pull out all of his nerve endings and put them under his pillow
Subsist entirely on soda and melted ice cream
Buy black market animal teeth
Grind all of his food into a powder and snort it
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When Ren and Stimpy decide to adopt, who do they end up bringing in?
An elf named Jerry
A dead dog named Buster
An old man named Orville
A convict named Kowalski
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Which character -- who would later star in his own spin-off -- was so right wing that he claimed all Republicans were communists and tried to whip Ren and Stimpy into shape by ordering them to follow his tenets?
George Liquor
Mr. Pipe
Muddy Mudskipper
Haggis McHaggis
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While in Canada, what law enforcement team do Ren and Stimpy join?
The Loomies
The Mounted Llama Troops
The Mighty Hamster Police
The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen
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When Stimpy decides to become an inventor, which of the following things does he NOT create?
Cheese-O-Phone, which allows you to talk to cheese from other countries
Stay-Put Socks, which always stay up (because they're filled with glue)
A board game called "Don't Whizz on the Electric Fence."
Happy Helmet, which makes Ren happy
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What animal made several appearances throughout the show, including episodes as a kitty litter tester, a United Nations spokesman and a dog show judge?
A horse
A badger
A weasel
An eagle
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What network tried to bring back Ren and Stimpy for a more adult show, including (animated) nudity and swearing?
Comedy Central
Spike TV
TV Land
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After reading about how Charles Atlas developed his big muscles, what does Stimpy do to help Ren achieve his life-long goal of having large pecs?
Massages Ren with motor oil while he sleeps
Donates some of the fat from his rear end
Punches him repeatedly in the chest
Buys 25 cent steroids from a local gym
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When Ren's cousin Sven visits, what do he and Stimpy do to Ren's collection of dinosaur droppings?
Cook them in a stew
Sculpt them into busts
Sell them to buy bubble gum
Paint them like Easter eggs
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In the legendary song "Happy Happy Joy Joy," how many times are the title words repeated in a single verse?
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Superhero Powdered Toast Man is a superhero and spokesman for the breakfast food Powdered Toast. What was his alter ego?
Johnny Powers, a reporter
Clark Kent, Ren and Stimpy's fat neighbor
Pastor Toastman, a deacon
Wilbur Cobb, an old man
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Which character was voiced by Frank Zappa in the episode that introduced Powdered Toast Man?
President Clinton
Santa Claus
Margaret Thatcher
The Pope