Presidential Deathplaces

Once you're elected President, your whole life gets scrutinized, from college transcripts to tax returns. And it doesn't stop after you're dead. In fact, people will even write quizzes about where, exactly, that happened.

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In what city was William McKinley assassinated by Leon Czolgosz?

Buffalo, NY
Pittsburgh, PA
Washington, DC
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President Lyndon B. Johnson died in Johnson City, TX, a city founded by his uncle. Johnson City is closest to which Texan city?

El Paso
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President Coolidge, a supporter of women's suffrage, died in Northampton, Massachusetts. Northampton is also home to which women's liberal college?

Bryn Mawr College
Smith College
Wellesley College
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All told, how many presidents have drawn their last breaths in California?

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The last president to die did so in his home in Rancho Mirage, California, after fighting pneumonia in a hospital coincidentally named for Dwight Eisenhower. Who was he?

Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
Richard Nixon
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James Garfield was shot in Washington, DC, but died in Elberon, New Jersey. He was taken to New Jersey to...

...escape the press.
...get out of DC, which was suffering from a heat wave.
...recuperate at the house of his mistress.
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How many presidents have died in Washington, DC?

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Of the presidents who have died in office, how many did NOT die in Washington, DC?

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Who is our nation's only president to die in New Hampshire?

Chester Arthur
Franklin Pierce
Millard Fillmore
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James K. Polk, a by-choice one term president, was right to not seek a second term -- he died three months after leaving office in 1849. What state did he die in?