Know Your Non-Profits

After years of lavishly giving of your time and money to every charity, you've certainly become familiar with their missions and purposes. To raise awareness among those less philanthropic, though, choose the correct slogan for each non-profit organization, then secure donations from local misanthropes in support of each cause.

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Council on Foreign Relations

A Nonpartisan Resource for Information and Analysis
An Independent Outlet for Words and Numbers
A Fair and Balanced Approach to Knowledge
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Angels' Closet

Your secrets are safe
A helping hand for high school students in need
Anaheim's professional baseball team memorabilia, auctioned to support elementary education
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Transportation Alternatives

Share the Road
Bicycle-powered Personal Helicopter Vehicles by 2022
Your Advocates for Bicycling, Walking, and Sensible Transportation
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The Door

Show Animal Testing to The Door
A Center for Youth
Where Youth are the Center
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American Lung Association

We're All Breathing The Same Air
Cough It Up: Donate
Fighting for Air
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Idaho Youth Ranch

Give a child a potato, they eat for a day. Teach children to harvest potatoes, we all eat for a long time.
We help children and families find the hope, vision, courage, and the will to succeed.
There is intrinsic value in challenging, productive work.
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Children's Rights

Get Children The Vote by 2022
Children Are Just Small Adults
Protecting Children Who Cannot Protect Themselves
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Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Have a Heart, Minneapolis.
Aggressive Discovery. Global Outreach.
An Institute AND A Foundation – How About That.
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Hoosier Environmental Council

A Basketball Hoop on Every Barn, A Wind Turbine on Every Farm
Clean Air. Safe Water. Wild Places.
Managing the Chaos in the Wake of Peyton Manning's Departure
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Mentoring Works. The Internet Connects. The Combination changes lives.
One Man Mentoring Thousands
An Open-Source iPhone App That Provides a Role Model for Your Child
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Creating Ownership and Economic Opportunity
Taking Off the Training Wheels of Life
Starting with the Man in the Mirror, Asking Him to Change His Ways
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Jerome Foundation

Grants for Artists and Arts Organizations
Jerome "The Bus" Bettis in Advocacy of Pittsburgh Public Transportation
Our Dog Jerome Went Missing 14 Years Ago