Which Witch is Which?

You might know the stories of their evil -- or at least magical -- ways, but how well do you know the names of the witches of popular culture?

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Which so-called "mistress of evil" cast an infamous slumber-inducing spell on Sleeping Beauty?

Queen Narissa
Queen of Shadows
Queen Maleficent
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Which witch attempts to slay Aslan, the novel's Christ figure, in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?

The Fair Witch
The White Witch
The Snow Witch
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Which witch was Harry Potter's date to the Yule Ball?

Cho Chang
Parvati Patil
Lavender Brown
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What is the name of Ursula's land-dwelling alter ego in The Little Mermaid?

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What's the name of the well-intentioned, magically inclined protagonist of the sitcom Bewitched?

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Which real-life woman was accused of radical witchcraft, jailed, and blackballed by her fellow community members?

Elizabeth Dorr
Elizabeth Proctor
Michigan Representative Lisa Brown
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Which lovable witch charms munchkin followers with clumsy antics and misapplied magic in The Wiz?

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She may not have magical powers, but this pompadoured stepmother exhibited some serious witchiness when she tried to stop Cinderella from going to the ball:

Lady Trebec
Lady Borbon
Lady Tremaine
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Which formerly fairest witch plotted to take down Snow White with a poisoned apple?

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Who is the haggish, child-eating witch in much of Slavic folklore?

Baba Yaga
Zlata Bushka
Vladimir Putin's Mom