International Beverages

Remember in Back to the Future when Marty tried to order a Pepsi Free and the soda jerk was all "You're gonna have to pay for it!" or whatever? A lot of drinks can seem alien at first glance when you've never encountered them. And that's what this quiz is all about. Try to decode these out-of-America soft drinks and see if you can figure out what they are.

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Bistrone is a Coca-Cola product only available in Japan. But what is it?

A mango-flavored energy drink with a hint of spice
Corn and tomato soup in a soda can
Ginger ale with a hint of wasabi
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Which of these Filipino soda brands has been banned from the United States by the FDA?

Pop Cola
Royal Tru
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Up until last year, residents of Singapore could consume a carbonated line of beverages called "Anything." What is the name of the accompanying line of non-carbonated beverages?

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Ordering an Iron Brew in South Africa will get you a...

Lightly fermented root beer
Peach flavored energy drink
Vanilla and fruit flavored soda
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New Zealand manufactures a popular soft drink called L&P, or Lemon and Paeroa. What is Paeroa?

The last name of the inventor
A small town
A type of berry
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Frescolita, native to Venezuela, is a soda that tastes like...

Apple Cider Vinegar
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Kinnie, a bitter orange soda, is heavily promoted in its home country as a drink mixer. Where can you order a Kinnie Komet, Kinnie Kameo, or Kinnie Kabana?

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LA Ice, sold in Australia, is a regular cola-flavored soda. Variant LA Maxi Ice is...

Bright red
Doubly caffeinated
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Lilt, a British soda, is sold under the slogan "the totally tropical taste." What two fruits comprise this taste?

Banana & Lime
Lemon & Guava
Pineapple & Grapefruit
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Though not available stateside, Royal Crown markets a Gatorade-like sports drink called: