Name All the Pink Floyd Studio Albums

When you weed out live albums and compilations, Pink Floyd released 14 regular studio albums (including one half studio/half live) in the years from 1967 until 1994. Given six minutes to contemplate, how many of them can you name? If you get a perfect score, we'll see you on... well, you know. Good luck!

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Name All the Pink Floyd Studio Albums
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn|Piper at the Gates of Dawn
A Saucerful of Secrets|Saucerful of Secrets|A Saucer Full of Secrets|Saucer Full of Secrets
More|Soundtrack More|Soundtrack to the film More
Atom Heart Mother
Obscured by Clouds|soundtrack to the film La Vallee|La Vallee soundtrack|soundtrack to the film The Valley|The Valley soundtrack|Valley soundtrack|
The Dark Side of the Moon|Dark Side of the Moon
Wish You Were Here|
The Wall|Wall
The Final Cut|Final Cut
A Momentary Lapse of Reason|Momentary Lapse of Reason
The Division Bell|Division Bell