15 Top Eponymous Albums

Some of the biggest-selling albums have been eponymous recordings, titled after the performer(s). For the purposes of this quiz, "eponymous" means ONLY the full artist or band name as the album's title, so we don't include Janet Jackson's Janet or Chicago's Chicago XI. How many of the RIAA's 15 top-selling U.S. eponymous albums can you name in five minutes? Get to it!

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15 Top Eponymous Albums
Beatles|The Beatles
Backstreet Boys|The Backstreet Boys
Whitney Houston
Led Zeppelin
'N Sync|N*Sync|N'Sync|NSync|N-Sync|N Sync
Garth Brooks
Van Halen
Mariah Carey
Christina Aguilera
Toni Braxton
Ricky Martin
Savage Garden