The Poltergeist 30th Anniversary Quiz

Thirty years ago this summer, the classic horror film Poltergeist scared moviegoers. How much do you remember about the plight of the Freeling family and the beast that haunted them?

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What song is playing on the TV immediately before the station signs off and Carol Anne approaches it?
Rock Around the Clock
The Star Spangled Banner
America the Beautiful
Bach's Minuet in G Major
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What notable action does Steven take in the final scene when the family checks into the hotel?
Calls out for The Beast
Requests a room with no nearby trees
Puts the TV on the balcony
Throws out Carol Anne's doll
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Within the house, where does the portal start and end?
The closet to the living room
The kitchen to the closet
The living room to the pool
The bottom of the stairs to the kitchen
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Fill in the blanks in this famous speech by Tangina:

”A terrible presence is in there with her … It keeps Carol Anne very close to it and away from the spectral light. It lies to her, it says things only a child could understand. It has been using her to restrain the others. To her, it simply is ___________. To us, he is the beast.”

Another mother
A friend or a toy
The lovely light
Another child
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There are lots of questions about Steven Spielberg's real role on the film, with many cast and crew members claiming he acted well above his credited role. What was Spielberg's official role (or roles)?
Casting director
Writer and producer
Writer and composer
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What affliction does Diane admit to have suffered from when she was a child?
Vivid hallucinations
Fear of her toys
Memory loss
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According to Dr. Lesh and Marty, which of the following is NOT a key difference between a poltergeist and a haunting?
Poltergeists have a shorter duration than haunting
Hauntings don’t usually affect anything outdoors or in nature
Hauntings don’t usually revolve around living people
Poltergeists are usually associated with a person, while hauntings are associated with a place
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Where does the team of parapsychologists -- Dr. Lesh, Marty and Ryan -- come from?
The American Psychological Association
The Center for UFO Studies
UC Irvine
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What is the name of the California development where the Freelings move?
Cuesta Verde
Rolling Hills
Pacific Paradise
Sudden Valley
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The movie's only death happens early in the film. Who is the victim?
Tweety, the family's bird
Andrew, the Freelings' neighbor
Dr. Lesh, a parapsychologist
Dana, the Freelings' third daughter
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Which of these objects does NOT start moving during the movie?
A steak
A toy clown
The mailbox
A table
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How many follow-up films were released in the Poltergeist series?