Name All 32 Starting Quarterbacks for Week 1 of 2012

The NFL season kicks off tonight. To make sure you're sufficiently ready for some football, let's see how many of the 32 opening weekend starting QBs you can name in 5 minutes. Last names will suffice. Here's your free space: Roethlisberger.

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Name All 32 Starting Quarterbacks for Week 1 of 2012
Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay)|Aaron Rodgers|Aaron Rogers|Rodgers|Rogers
Drew Brees (New Orleans)|Drew Brees|Brees
Tom Brady (New England)|Tom Brady|Brady
Cam Newton (Carolina)|Cam Newton|Cameron Newton|Newton
Tony Romo (Dallas)|Tony Romo|Romo
Michael Vick (Philadelphia)|Michael Vick|Mike Vick|Vick
Matthew Stafford (Detroit)|Matthew Stafford|Matt Stafford|Matt Staford|Matthew Staford|Stafford
Matt Ryan (Atlanta)|Matt Ryan|Ryan
Eli Manning (New York Giants)|Eli Manning|Manning
Peyton Manning (Denver)|Peyton Manning|Manning
Philip Rivers (San Diego)|Philip Rivers|Phillip Rivers|Phil Rivers|Rivers
Jay Cutler (Chicago)|Jay Cutler|Cutler
Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh)|Ben Roethlisberger|Roethlisberger
Robert Griffin III (Washington)|Robert Griffin III|Robert Griffin|Griffin
Matt Schaub (Houston)|Matt Schaub|Matt Schab|Matt Shaub|Schaub
Jake Locker (Tennessee)|Jake Locker|Locker
Josh Freeman (Tampa Bay)|Josh Freeman|Freeman
Andrew Luck (Indianapolis)|Andrew Luck|Luck
Joe Flacco (Baltimore)|Joe Flacco|Joe Flaco|Joe Flacko|Flacco
Carson Palmer (Oakland)|Carson Palmer|Palmer
Andy Dalton (Cincinnati)|Andy Dalton|Dalton
Alex Smith (San Francisco)|Alex Smith|Smith
Sam Bradford (St. Louis)|Sam Bradford|Bradford
Russell Wilson (Seattle)|Russell Wilson|Russel Wilson|Wilson
Ryan Fitzpatrick (Buffalo)|Ryan Fitzpatrick|Ryan Fitz-patrick|Fitzpatrick
Ryan Tannehill (Miami)|Ryan Tannehill|Tanehill|Tannenhill|Tannahill|Tannehill
Mark Sanchez (New York Jets)|Mark Sanchez|Sanchez
Brandon Weeden (Cleveland)|Brandon Weeden|Brandon Whedon|Weeden
Blaine Gabbert (Jacksonville)|Blaine Gabbert|Blain Gabbert|Gabbert
Matt Cassel (Kansas City)|Matt Cassel|Matt Castle|Cassel
Christian Ponder (Minnesota)|Christian Ponder|Ponder
John Skelton (Arizona)|John Skelton|Josh Skelton|Skelton