The Thing 30th Anniversary Quiz

John Carpenter's classic horror movie The Thing turns 30 this year, so let's take a look back at the tale of infection and isolation in an Arctic research camp. How much do you remember about the alien attack on the crew at Outpost 31?

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What nationality is the team that we see first attacking the infected dog, shooting Bennings and killing themselves in the process?
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A companion film -- not a remake -- was released in 2011 that focused on the team that first encountered the thing. What notable difference did the 2011 prequel have?
It was entirely in a foreign language
The Thing was never shown on screen
Nobody died -- the film ends before they start getting attacked
It had a female character
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How does the team find out that Norris was infected?
His blood transforms when touched by a hot wire
They find his torn jacket outside
He chest caves in when Copper tries to revive him with a defibrillator
His beard starts thinning out
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Which of these pairs of names and job titles is NOT correct?
Copper - Cook
MacReady - Helicopter Pilot
Childs - Mechanic
Garry - Station Commander
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According to Blair's calculations, how long would it take for the entire world to be infected if the Thing spread through humans?
One week
Three months
Two years, six months
Three years, 30 days
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MacReady signs off his last recording with "Outpost 31," but a sign in front of the camp says it's actually called what?
Bravo Camp
Station 4
Green Cabin
Base 602
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According to Blair's journal, the Thing needs to be what to complete its transition?
Alone and in close proximity to a life form
Cold and exposed to oxygen
Near an open wound
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Which team member is the first to be identified as infected and killed?
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When we first see MacReady, what is he doing?
Shooting at the infected dog
Watching "Let's Make A Deal"
Playing computer chess
Doing pushups
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Besides MacReady, who is the only character to survive at the end?