Name The World Series Game 7 Winners

To date, 35 World Series have gone a full seven games, with 17 different teams winning those clinching games. Can you name all of the champions that have gone the distance?

Just the team name is enough, except for the rare cases where a franchise moved and won in a new location. All teams are identified by their name and location at the time of the World Series.

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Name The World Series Game 7 Winners
Pittsburgh Pirates|Pirates
Boston Red Sox|Red Sox
Washington Senators|Senators
St. Louis Cardinals|Cardinals
Cincinnati Reds|Reds
Detroit Tigers|Tigers
New York Yankees|Yankees
Milwaukee Braves|Braves
Los Angeles Dodgers|LA Dodgers
Brooklyn Dodgers
Oakland Athletics|Athletics|Oakland As|As
Kansas City Royals|Royals
New York Mets|Mets
Minnesota Twins|Twins
Florida Marlins|Marlins
Arizona Diamondbacks|Diamondbacks
Anaheim Angels|Angels