Alice's Restaurant: The Quiz

It's a week until Thanksgiving, so start celebrating with the best Thanksgiving song -- Arlo Guthrie's musical monologue "Alice's Restaurant Massacree." If you start listening and taking our quiz now, you might be done before Thanksgiving dinner begins.

All questions are based on the original song, which you can listen to here.

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What's this song about?
"It's about Alice, and the restaurant"
"It's about war, but it's also about peace"
"It's about turkey"
"It's about a woman, a man and a cup of coffee"
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The official name of the song is "Alice's Restaurant Massacre," but a radio-friendly version that was just 5 minutes long was renamed what?
"Arlo & Alice"
"Alice's Thanksgiving Song"
"Alice's Restaurant Song"
"Alice's Rock and Roll Restaurant"
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What happens if three people walk into the shrink's office singing a bar of Alice's Restaurant?
The movement will have begun
They'll think it's an organization
All three will get drafted into the army
The Group W bench will get crowded
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Which of the following is one of the types of people that Arlo encountered on the bench with Group W?
Deranged psychos
Father stabbers
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When Arlo gets to the very last man, what is his first question?
Have you ever been arrested?
What does jail look like?
Why does your record say 'litterbug?'
Where can I meet Alice?
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What is the name of the building where Arlo goes in New York City to apply for the draft?
City Hall
Monroe Court
Army Building of the U S of A
Whitehall Street
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How many Thanksgiving dinners did Arlo and the gang eat over the course of the song?
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What does Officer Obie NOT take out of Arlo's jail cell?
Arlo's belt
Arlo's envelope
The toilet seat
The toilet paper
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Which of the following things is NOT listed in the description of Stockbridge, Massachusetts?
Four churches
Three stop signs
Two police officers
One police car
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What type of car is Arlo driving throughout the song?
A beat-up Camaro
His momma's blue T-bird
A red VW microbus
A pickup truck with the bumper missing
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Who does Alice live with?
A strange little man named Andy
Her husband Roger and her son Jacob
Her husband Ray and Fasha the dog
Officer Obie
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The 1969 film version of the song featured a number of cameos. Which of these folk singers did not make an appearance in the movie?
Arlo Guthrie
Woody Guthrie
Pete Seeger
Lee Hays