5 Questions: Nothing Specific

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What was the name of the doctor who founded the TV medical center known as General Hospital?
Lee Baldwin
Steve Hardy
Phil Brewer
Steven Lansing
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Which of the following advertising slogans was used by General Electric for 25 years?
An American revolution
Connecting people
We bring good things to life
Making tomorrow better
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Who won an Emmy Award for his portrayal of the eccentric Bartford Hamilton Steele on the M*A*S*H episode entitled "The General Flipped at Dawn"?
David Ogden Stiers
Harry Morgan
Robert Alda
Edward Winter
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What auto executive's memoirs were published in a 1979 book entitled On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors?
John DeLorean
Lee Iacocca
Henry Ford II
Enzo Ferrari
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What Teamsters Union leader did Robert Kennedy relentlessly investigate during his tenure as Attorney General of the United States?
George Meaney
Walter Reuther
Roy Wilkins
James Hoffa