5 Questions: On a Lark

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Which of these "animal collectives" applies to a group of larks?
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The lark species, and particularly the skylark, is best known for its:
bright plumage
melodious singing
flying ability
extended beak
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Lark Voorhies portrayed a character named Lisa Turtle in which of these school-oriented TV shows?
Welcome Back, Kotter
Saved by the Bell
Boston Public
Head of the Class
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Who wrote his most famous poem, "The Purple Cow," while serving as editor of the San Francisco Lark?
F. Gelett Burgess
Ogden Nash
Mark Twain
Dr. Seuss
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What heavily-advertised feature made Lark brand cigarettes different from most of its competitors?
superfine tobacco
slow-burning paper
charcoal filter
100mm length