5 Questions: Taxi Quiz

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According to Joni Mitchell's hit song "Big Yellow Taxi," what was being paved in order to put up a parking lot?
her home
a garden
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Which actor from TV's "Taxi" shared his real first name with his character's first name?
Judd Hirsch
Danny DeVito
Tony Danza
Andy Kaufman
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In what war did some 600 Paris taxicabs drive nearly 6,000 French soldiers 35 miles to the front at the Marne River?
Franco-Prussian War
World War I
World War II
Hundred Years War
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What judge disappeared in 1930, last seen stepping into a taxi outside of a New York restaurant?
Benjamin Cardozo
Robert Bork
John Harlan
Joseph Crater
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Kip Keino, who in 1968 had to jog a mile to the arena (his taxi was stuck in traffic) and still won Olympic gold in the 1500-meter footrace, represented what nation?
United States