5 Questions: Rail Cars

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In addition to being a type of rail car, "Sleeper" is also the name of:
a type of fish
a Woody Allen film
a pro wrestling maneuver
all of the above
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In 1881, the Pullman Palace Car company (makers of Pullman railroad cars) built the first "all-brick" factory town for its workers just outside what U.S. city?
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What 1982 album by Boxcar Willie sold millions thanks to a "direct marketing" technique of offering it only via TV commercials?
Down the Track
King of the Road
Train Master
Boxcar Willie Sings
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A "gondola" is a type of rail car whose Italian name originally applied to:
a ski lift
a hot air balloon
a type of boat
a horse-drawn carriage
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The "caboose" (as he called it) was an important factor in hiring women for the workplace, according to what classic TV boss?
Al Delvecchio (Happy Days)
Sam Malone (Cheers)
Mel Sharples (Alice)
Lou Grant (The Mary Tyler Moore Show)