5 Questions: Black Friday

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What's the earliest date on which the "Black Friday" shopping day can occur?
Nov. 19th
Nov. 21st
Nov. 23rd
Nov. 25th
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Jay Gould and James Fisk caused a "Black Friday" financial panic by trying to curb the gold market just as the U.S. was recovering from what war?
Mexican-American War
Civil War
World War I
World War II
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The 2004 motion picture Black Friday told the story of the series of bomb blasts that rocked what Asian city in 1993?
Seoul, South Korea
Okhotsk, Russia
Beijing, China
Mumbai, India
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What country invaded the Falkland Islands on Friday, April 2, 1982, a date known as "Black Friday" in the United Kingdom?
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"Black Friday" was a Top-40 hit from what band's 1975 album, Katy Lied?
Fleetwood Mac
Doobie Brothers
Alan Parsons Project
Steely Dan