5 Questions: Just Another Quiz

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What author penned the 1902 book Just So Stories for Little Children?
Mark Twain
C.S. Lewis
Beatrix Potter
Rudyard Kipling
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George F. Root's "Just Before the Battle, Mother" was a popular song in the midst of what U.S. war?
Civil War
Spanish-American War
Mexican War
War of 1812
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The Just Born brand makes marshmallow candies that are most popular during what holiday?
Valentine's Day
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In the 2005 film Just Friends, heavy makeup was applied to Ryan Reynolds to make him appear to be:
a woman
much heavier
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Billy Joel premiered his biggest hit to date, "Just the Way You Are," on a 1978 episode of what TV show?
Dick Clark's Live Wednesday
Saturday Night Live
WKRP in Cincinnati