5 Questions: Soldiering On

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What National Football League teams plays their home games at Soldier Field?
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The soldier action figure known as G.I. Joe in the United States goes by what name in the United Kingdom?
Action Man
Sergeant Shock
Major Hero
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What former teen idol had a surprise Top-10 hit single in 1989 with "Soldier of Love"?
David Cassidy
Scott Baio
Donny Osmond
Leif Garrett
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Canada's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a monument erected in 2000, contains the remains of a soldier from what war?
Korean War
World War I
World War II
Boer War
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Who portrayed Captain Davenport, an officer investigating the murder of an African-American sergeant, in the 1984 film A Soldier's Story?
Howard Rollins, Jr.
Danny Glover
Meshach Taylor
Wesley Snipes