5 Questions: Missing Links

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What R&B singer was reported missing for an anxious few days in the wake of Hurricane Katrina?
James Brown
Cannonball Adderley
Fats Domino
Al Green
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Jimmy Hoffa, who disappeared after visiting the Machus Red Fox restaurant in 1975, was president of what union?
United Auto Workers
United Steelworkers
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Mysterious skyjacker Dan ("D.B.") Cooper jumped out of a 727 over what U.S. state (and was never heard from again)?
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What big band leader disappeared somewhere over the English Channel when his plane allegedly crashed in 1944?
Count Basie
Glenn Miller
Benny Goodman
Tommy Dorsey
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What founder of the American Atheists went missing in August 1995?
Margaret Sanger
Phyllis Schlafly
Betty Friedan
Madalyn Murray O'Hair