5 Questions: A Night at the <em>Opera</em>

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Opera 8.5 is the latest version of a particular software package intended for what use?
personal management
Web browsing
music composition
voice recognition
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What band's 1975 album A Night at the Opera was recently repackaged into a 30th anniversary CD/DVD set?
Fleetwood Mac
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The term "soap opera" is a direct reference to the fact that these daytime programs:
aired when laundry was being done
were intended to be "clean" entertainment
were sponsored by detergent brands
kept housewives from their baths
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During a Monopoly game, which of the following happens to a player who draws the 'Grand Opera Opening' Community Chest card?
advances to Boardwalk
pays $100 for tickets
receives $50 from each player
earns a free turn
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What horror film legend starred in the title role of the 1929 version of The Phantom of the Opera?
Lon Chaney, Jr.
Boris Karloff
Bela Lugosi
Lon Chaney, Sr.