5 Questions: And Howe!

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Elias Howe was a celebrated inventor and manufacturer best known for his work with what appliances?
sewing machines
water heaters
microwave ovens
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Which of these hit sitcoms included a character named Rebecca Howe?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Andy Griffith Show
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Pro hockey legend Gordie Howe is #1 on the list of which of these career NHL superlatives?
most goals scored
most games played
most penalty minutes
most assists
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What patriotic song was written by women's suffrage activist Julia Ward Howe?
America the Beautiful
You're a Grand Old Flag
The Battle Hymn of the Republic
God Bless America
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In the first major action since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Britain's Sir William Howe soundly defeated George Washington and the new American nation on August 27, 1776, at what location?
Dover, Delaware
Roanoke, Virginia
Boston, Massachusetts
Long Island, New York