5 Questions: Athletic Supporters

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Which of the following products has not been endorsed by Michael Jordan?
Ball Park franks
Hanes T-shirts
Rayovac batteries
Ore-Ida fries
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Who was the first figure skater to appear on a Wheaties box?
Nancy Kerrigan
Sonja Henie
Kristi Yamaguchi
Peggy Fleming
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What brand of pantyhose did Joe Namath model in a 1974 TV commercial?
London Aire
No Nonsense
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What beverage did "Dandy" Don Meredith promote in several TV commercials and print ads?
Nestle's Quik
Lipton Tea
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What baseball pitcher achieved his greatest "exposure" in 1977 when he posed in his Jockey shorts?
Jim Palmer
Phil Niekro
Tom Seaver
Catfish Hunter