5 Questions: Hotscakes!

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After tasting his own concoction, dubbed 'goop melange', what sitcom character treated it like most other dishes by saying: "Mmm, needs ketchup?"
Paul Buchman
Oscar Madison
Richie Cunningham
George Jefferson
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What TV mom's inability (or unwillingness) to cook made her family scrounge for food, surviving on toaster scrapings and the occasional toothpaste sandwich?
Jill Taylor
Edith Bunker
Peg Bundy
Kate Bradley
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Which of the Golden Girls created mouth-watering dishes like "herring and caramel," which had to be eaten while holding one's nose closed?
Dorothy Zbornak
Rose Nylund
Sophia Petrillo
Blanche Devereaux
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Name the Greenwich Village 12th Precinct detective (as seen on Barney Miller) who was known for the horrible coffee he made.
Phil Fish
Nick Yemana
Stan Wojciehowicz
Arthur Dietrich
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Which of the Gilligan's Island castaways once tried to cook a meal, and ended up with a rather grotesque "Fish Pie?"
the Professor
Mrs. Howell