5 Questions: What a Big Boy!

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Who carried over his stage role to film in 1930's Big Boy, about a man who hoped to ride a horse named "Big Boy" to victory in the Kentucky Derby?
Bud Abbott
George Burns
Al Jolson
Bing Crosby
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What was the name of the plane that deposited the "Big Boy" (a.k.a. "Fat Man") bomb on the city of Nagasaki?
Bock's Car
Able Fox
Enola Gay
Man O' War
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Actor Guinn Williams appeared in over 200 movie westerns and reportedly got his nickname "Big Boy" from what humorist?
Ogden Nash
Fred Allen
James Thurber
Will Rogers
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The Big Boy 4-8-8-4 was the largest _________ ever built.
scientific calculator
steam locomotive
motion picture camera
clock tower
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What organization, best known for its hotels, owned the "Big Boy" restaurant chain for 20+ years beginning in 1967?