5 Questions: Day 9: Ladies Dancing

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What ballerina discussed struggles with cocaine and anorexia nervosa in her 1986 autobiography Dancing on My Grave?
Carla Fracci
Anna Pavlova
Natalia Makarova
Gelsey Kirkland
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Which of these female hoofers was born with the rather unusual name of Tula Finlea?
Cyd Charisse
Ann Miller
June Allison
Ruby Keeler
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What exotic dancer gained notoriety when her affair with Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long became public?
Lili St. Cyr
Fanne Fox
Gypsy Rose Lee
Blaze Starr
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Though uncredited, Marine Jahan was the "dance double" for the lead actress in what film?
Staying Alive
Dirty Dancing
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Isadora Duncan Syndrome, named after the famous bohemian dancer, is a medical term sometimes used to describe:
recurring shin splints
accidental strangulation
excessive body hair
hammer toes