5 Questions: Help Me Out

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Which of the following was NOT a sidekick in a Robert Ludlum novel?
Tim Drake
Marie St. Jacques
Sam Devereaux
Anna Navarro
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Who was the valet that followed Phileas Fogg around the world in 80 days?
Henri Charpak
Giles French
Jean Passepartout
Lynn Belvedere
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What author created the characters of cattle rustler Oldring and his mysterious sidekick, the Masked Rider?
Max Brand
Louis L'Amour
Bret Harte
Zane Grey
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What kiddie lit character is usually accompanied by his canine pal, Ribsy?
Harry Potter
Homer Price
Henry Huggins
Herbie Jones
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What was the first name of Sherlock Holmes' faithful assistant, Dr. Watson?