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Former teacher Mel Gibson shows a boy how to find the center of any circle by constructing the perpendicular bisectors of the two chords (whew!) in The Man Without a Face. In what country was Mel born?
the United States
South Africa
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In the 1996 film The Mirror Has Two Faces, hunky math professor Jeff Bridges explains the twin prime conjecture to what actress?
Mercedes Ruehl
Isabella Rossellini
Andie MacDowell
Barbra Streisand
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Two men are given a five-gallon and a three-gallon jug and must put exactly four gallons of water on a scale (to keep a bomb from exploding) in the third film in what series?
Lethal Weapon
Dirty Harry
Die Hard
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Who directed the 1971 film Straw Dogs, in which the bored wife of mathematician Dustin Hoffman mischievously changes a plus sign to a minus sign in a set of his gravitational equations?
Sam Peckinpah
Francis Ford Coppola
Martin Scorsese
Stanley Kubrick
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High school math teacher Edward James Olmos gets a group of inner-city kids to learn calculus in what 1988 film?
Lean on Me
The Principal
Stand and Deliver
It's My Turn