5 Questions: BUNNY HOP

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In 1979, Volkswagen introduced the pickup version of its Rabbit; by what name was this truck known in Europe?
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Late country crooner Eddie Rabbitt had a #1 pop hit in the U.S. with what wet single?
"Blame It On The Rain"
"I Love A Rainy Night"
"A Rainy Night In Georgia"
"I Can't Stand The Rain"
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What U.S. president claimed that he was once attacked by a mysterious "swamp rabbit" while on a fishing trip?
Jimmy Carter
Bill Clinton
Harry Truman
George H.W. Bush
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What is the subtitle of Margery Williams' classic children's tale, The Velveteen Rabbit?
And How He Grew
Or How Toys Become Real
The Story Of A Bunny
Why Toys Need Love
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What actor befriended a six-foot-tall invisible rabbit in the 1950 film version of Harvey?
Cary Grant
Danny Kaye
Bob Hope
Jimmy Stewart