5 Questions: CIAO, ITALIA

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What "Dynasty" alum was the star of the 1969-71 sitcom To Rome with Love?
Joan Collins
James Farentino
John Forsythe
Pamela Sue Martin
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On what sitcom did the title character brawl in a wine vat while studying for a part in the Italian film Bitter Grapes?
I Love Lucy
That Girl
Grace Under Fire
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In a recently released film, Diane Lane portrays a writer who buys a villa in what region of Italy?
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What actress fell for an American reporter in the 1953 film Roman Holiday?
Audrey Hepburn
Leslie Caron
Judy Garland
Katharine Hepburn
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Carol Gino completed The Family, a novel about a Renaissance-era family in Rome, after what author's death?
G.K. Chesterton
Dashiell Hammett
Raymond Chandler
Mario Puzo